Cirque du Swing Intensive 2021 – Level 3-4

Welcome to the participants area for level 3-4 of the Cirque du Swing 2021. Here you will find all information you need in addition to our website. This information is only accessible for participants who have already booked their pass. Down below you will find the access to the online class, an opportunity for upgrades and videos of all level 3-4 classes.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail (gerne auch auf Deutsch oder Bayerisch).
Let’s swing!

Access to Live-Stream

All classes of the Cirque du Swing Intensive 2021 will be streamed live on zoom. You can use zoom either with your browser or with the app. We recommend using the app. If you are unfamiliar with zoom please make sure that you will be able to use zoom when the class starts. Also, please log into zoom well before class, so we can solve any technical issues in advance.

IMPORTANT: Please enter first AND last name when using zoom. This is the only way we can verify that you are permitted to enter that class. Participants we cannot identify by name will not be admitted to class.

We will provide the meeting ID several days before class right here.

Upgrades – Full Pass and On-Site

Full Pass

If you have only booked level 2-3, you will be able to upgrade to a full pass. This upgrade will be available here on May 1.


If the Covid situation improves and we are allowed to come back to the studio in July to dance together on site, you will be able to upgrade (limited spots available in that case but there will still be a live stream with unlimited spots). For an upgrade you need a partner of the opposite role (leader/follower) who will attend all classes with you. We don’t expect to be allowed to switch partners. Therefore, each participant needs to have a fixed partner. We will make this upgrade available as soon as we can be sure, that we are allowed to use our studio. Please be aware that this might be on very short notice. We also expect on site spots to be very limited due to restrictions. Participants who have already booked will have an opportunity for the on-site upgrade before anyone else.

In any case, there will be a live-stream!

Class Videos

We will post videos of all level 3-4 classes here a few days after the event. If you have booked a full pass you will find videos of level 2-3 on another page, accessible via the membership in your account.