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Augsburg Balboa & Shag Festival 2023 Party Pass (Fr/Sat/Sun)


127 in stock

This is the Party Pass ticket for Evening Social Dances (Fr/Sat/Sun) of the Augsburg Balboa & Shag Festival 2023 for one person. Please see the product description for more details.

127 in stock

In case you purchase a party pass for your partner, please let us know his or her name.

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Buy this ticket if you would like to sign up for the Evening Social Dances (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) of the Augsburg Balboa & Shag Festival 2023. This Party Pass ticket is for one person and for the evening social dances only.

To find out more about our Live-Acts please check the festival schedule!

If you would like to participate in the workshop, please buy your extra tickets for the class(es).

Updates, terms & conditions

Please check the Augsburg Balboa & Shag Festival Website regularly for updates.

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions of this festival (

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