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Augsburg Balboa & Shag Festival 2023 St. Louis Shag Special

39,00 78,00 

60 vorrätig

This is the ticket for the St. Louis Shag Special with Jenna & Nejc of the Augsburg Balboa & Shag Festival 2023. Please see the product description for more details.

If you buy a Couple’s ticket, please enter your partner’s name here. And their email below.

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Buy this ticket if you would like to sign up for the St. Louis Shag Special on Friday with Jenna & Nejc of the Augsburg Balboa & Shag Festival 2023. You can buy this ticket either as a Follower or a Leader or a Couple. The Couple’s ticket is valid both for you and your dance partner and costs as much as two single tickets. This ticket is only valid for this class (parties not included).

If you would like to participate in other classes and/or the parties as well, please buy those tickets separately.

Important information for purchasing solo leader or follower tickets: For a balanced experience we only allow a certain number of surplus leaders or followers. If there are no tickets available for your role but for the other role, it means, that the maximum surplus of your role has been reached. The availability of tickets for your role may change later due to purchases of tickets of the other role.

Updates, terms & conditions

Please check the Augsburg Balboa & Shag Festival Website regularly for updates.

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions of this festival (

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