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Augsburg Jazz Rhythms Festival 2024 Rising Star Full Pass

199,00 398,00 

60 vorrätig

This is the Ticket for the Rising Star Full Pass of the Augsburg Jazz Rhythms Festival 2024. Please see the product description for more details.

If you buy a Couple’s ticket, please enter your partner’s name here. And their email below.

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Buy this ticket if you would like to sign up for the Rising Star Full Pass (8h) of the Augsburg Jazz Rhythms Festival 2024 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (22nd – 24th March) with Jo Hoffberg, Felipe Braga, Yana Sanamyantz & Joris Focquaert. You can buy this ticket either as a Follower or a Leader or a Couple. The Couple’s ticket is valid both for you and your dance partner and costs as much as two single tickets. This ticket is valid for the Rising Star classes on Saturday and Sunday, for the Solo/Cultural classes on Saturday and Sunday, as well as for all parties (Friday, Saturday & Sunday).

If you would like to participate in the Special Track on Friday, please buy your ticket separately.

Please note as single leader or follower:
The availability of tickets for your role depends on the sold tickets of the other role. That means the availability of tickets for your role may change later due to purchases of tickets of the other role. If you want to purchase a ticket and your role is currently not available, but there are still couple tickets available, you can sign up on the waiting list for the workshop noting your role. There is a chance (but not a guarantee!) that your role is available again at a later time if the other role was purchased in the meantime. When that happens, we will contact people on the waiting list in the order they signed up on it and offer the newly available ticket to the 1st person on the list. They have 48 hours to buy their ticket. If they do not purchase their ticket within the aforementioned time period, the ticket will be offered to the 2nd person on the list and so on.

Waiting List

If tickets for your role are currently not available, please sign up on the Waiting List with your name, email-address and your role. We will contact you as soon as free spots open up.

Updates, terms & conditions

Please check the Jazz Rhythms Website regularly for updates.

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions of this festival (https:/

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