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Augsburg Westie Station 2023 – Festival Pass

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This is the Festival Pass for Augsburg Westie Station, valid for the classes (8h) and all the parties. Please see the product description for more details.

If the ticket you want to purchase is currently out of stock, you can sign up for our waiting list, and we will inform you as soon as new tickets become available. (Usually, tickets are out of stock when the leader-follower balance is off.)

If you would like to participate in level 3-4 and you have the required 3 WSDC Novice points, please let us know you WSDC registration number (numbers only)

If you buy a Couple’s ticket, please enter your partner’s name here. And their email below.

If your partner would like to participate in level 3-4 and he or she has at least 3 WSDC Novice points, please let us know your partner’s WSDC registration number (numbers only)

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Buy this ticket if you would like to sign up for the Festival Pass. You can buy this ticket either as a Follower, as a Leader or as a Couple. The Couple’s ticket is valid both for you and your dance partner and costs as much as two single tickets. This ticket is valid for the classes (8h) and all parties. If you want to participate in an intensive as well you have to add those to you cart separately.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday classes cannot be purchased separately.

Leveled Workshops
There are two levels for the workshops: level 2-3 and level 3-4. If you would like to participate in level 2-3 you can just sign up without further requirements. Participation in level 3-4 is possible through a minimum of 3 WSDC novice points or participation in the audition on Saturday.
Points requirement: If you would like to participate in level 3-4, you can do so if you have at least 3 WSDC Novice points. In this case, provide us with your WSDC registration number. You must have the required points at the workshop day, not at the time of your purchase.
Audition: There will be an audition before the workshops on Saturday. Free spots in level 3-4 will be assigned at the audition to dancers selected by the teachers.
If you do not gain access to the level 3-4 workshop this does not entitle to a refund of the festival pass.
Holders of couple tickets do not have to participate at the same level. The participation of one partner in level 3-4 does not automatically entitle the other partner to participate in level 3-4 as well.

Single leader or follower:
The availability of tickets for your role depends on the number of sold tickets of the other role. That means the availability of tickets for your role may change later due to purchases of tickets of the other role. If you want to purchase a ticket and your role is currently not available, but there are still couple tickets available, you can sign up on the waiting list for the workshop noting your role. There is a chance (but not a guarantee!) that your role is available again at a later time if the other role was purchased in the meantime. When that happens, we will contact people on the waiting list in the order they signed up on it and offer the newly available ticket to the first person on the list. They have 48 hours to buy their ticket. If they do not purchase their ticket within the aforementioned time period, the ticket will be offered to the second person on the list and so on.

Updates, terms & conditions

Please check the Augsburg Westie Station website regularly for updates.

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions of this festival (

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At the moment, there are no official Covid-Regulations for events such as ours in Bavaria. This may change though. The Augsburg Westie Station will take place in compliance with the Covid-Regulations in force in Augsburg, Bavaria at the time of the event (19.-22.10.2023). Furthermore, we reserve the right to introduce additional measures to keep everyone safe at the event such as, but not limited to, for example Covid tests.
Any measures introduced by law or by the Hep Cat Club will not entitle to a partial or full refund. Refunds will only be granted if the event does not take place at all.

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